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3 Pro Tips to Boost Your Amazon Sales

By Bubuy Balangue | 27 April 2022 | 8 mins read

The Amazon Marketplace is the premier playground for anyone who wants to buy or sell online. Its position at the top of the online retail world makes Amazon the very best way to get your products out there, but it’s also highly competitive.

If you’re ready to boost your Amazon sales, your first step should be partnering with a team of Amazon PPC experts like us to perfect your marketing strategy. But in order to run a successful campaign to build your brand on Amazon, you need to be at the top of your game in these three essential areas.

Tip 1 for Boosting Amazon Sales: Be a Keyword Ninja

The first thing shoppers do is use Amazon’s search engine to find what they need. The search results page is where most people find what they go on to buy, which means you need to make the best possible use of Amazon’s search engine so you reach your target audience—and increase sales on Amazon.

The foundation for reaching that target audience with your Amazon store is using relevant keywords through careful keyword research.

Use Amazon’s Search Engine to Find Your Keywords

Amazon’s search engine itself is a fantastic tool for Amazon sellers looking to perfect every level of their sales funnel and attract buyers from the very first moment they lay eyes on your product. When you begin typing a string of keywords into the search engine, you’ll see auto-populated results, just like you do on a general online search engine.

Make a list of keywords you think customers would use to find your product and type them one by one into Amazon’s search engine. Take note of what keyword strings populate—this is valuable data that tells you what most people are typing, and you can use that to reach your target audience and increase sales.

Observe Product Listings of Other Amazon Sellers and Online Stores

Once you narrow down a list of keywords and relevant search terms using the advice above, it’s time to dig into the product listings of other Amazon sellers and ecommerce companies that cater to your target audience. Look at the top results, and note what subcategories the products fall in, as well as what terms are emphasized in product descriptions.

Don’t forget to pay close attention to sponsored products’ ads and listings, and any products that catch your eye—if you’re noticing the ads of other online businesses, Amazon customers are noticing them too.

Use Keywords and Phrases That Funnel Searches to Your Specific Product

Shoppers come to Amazon typically with the intent to buy, but they want to be sure that your product is actually what they need before they go through with a sale from your product listing.

What question would a shopper be asking if your product is the answer? What phrases would they be thinking about and using in search queries? You want your product listing to end up in front of your specific target audience, so as an Amazon seller, you need to make sure that the phrases those people are searching for lead them straight to your product—and not the competition.

3 Pro Tips to Boost Your Amazon Sales

Tip 2 for Boosting Amazon Sales: Present Robust Product Listings

Once an Amazon customer arrives on your product page—whether that’s through an organic search, sponsored product ads, an outside link, or any other form of digital marketing—the next step is making a sale.

You already know you have a great product—but how can you make sure potential buyers know it, too?

Put Your Product’s Best Foot Forward

When showing off your product, use professional-quality photos, and add videos whenever possible. Present items from varying angles, and show them both up close and in a context that shows their scale.

Look at other online stores and ecommerce companies’ websites for ideas on creative photography and product presentation. Even if you don’t have access to professional photography and videography gear, you can still use composition, lighting, and software and apps to create great visuals.

Include All the Important Information

The best approach you can take is making sure your listing contains every detail a customer might need to know in order to feel confident making a sale.

Consider adding details about color, texture, materials, size, weight, capacity, manufacturing process, and any measurements or other information a potential customer might be curious about.

Your product page is an extremely important element in your sales funnel, and to increase your product sales on Amazon, you need to capture your target audience even after they click through to your product listings. 

Use Clear and Concise Language

Avoid the temptation to overdo your non-detail-oriented language within your product descriptions. To strike a balance between too much and too little, you should make sure to create lots of breaks—i.e. no walls of text—and use simple language that any Amazon customer can understand, even if they’re looking at your product page while distracted or busy.

Get straight to your point, and use professional but friendly language that feels relatable to a broad range of potential buyers.

The average American reads at a 7th to 8th-grade level, and that doesn’t account for the distracting conditions many people are experiencing while they’re doing their online shopping. Your product page is not the place for whimsical wordplay or overly complex language unless it directly relates to your product (for example a word-lover’s board game or a gag gift for professors).

Do use friendly language, but don’t use slang or family-inappropriate terms.

Do your listings personality that fits with your brand, but don’t go overboard with quirkiness or humor.

Do include all relevant information, but don’t get too repetitive.

Use Bullet Points and Other Visual Variation

Remember, Amazon shoppers value efficiency in their buying experience. No matter who makes up your target audience, you should focus on creating a pleasant and informative experience that doesn’t frustrate potential buyers.

An easy way to keep your listings from being overwhelming is to use bullet points to draw the eye toward the most important information in your product descriptions. You can use bullet points to list product features or highlight the details buyers are most likely to want to know right away.

You can also make use of bold and italic words and sentences to create visual interest and highlight your product’s most attractive selling points.

3 Pro Tips to Boost Your Amazon Sales

Tip 3 for Boosting Amazon Sales: Stand Out From the Crowd

Amazon is already a titan in the online retail space, and it’s only getting bigger. Naturally, that translates to more ecommerce companies joining the platform every year, increasing competition all the time. So how can you stand out in a sea of other online businesses?

Showcase Great Reviews

Reviews are the easiest way to show shoppers that other Amazon customers trust your business and your products. Official reviews on Amazon, especially those that include the Verified Purchase tag, are ideal, as they carry weight with shoppers and contribute to the rating of your product and/or shop.

Your item’s star rating will show up in organic Amazon search engine queries, so the higher your rating, the better.

Another place to feature product reviews or testimonials is your product description section. You can quote great reviews and give them prominence on your product page.

Seeing the confidence of other customers is the best incentive for new shoppers.

Emphasize Unique Attributes

What sets your product apart? Look at the products of some of your closest competitors. Then take a few moments to brainstorm about what your product offers that theirs don’t. Use these questions to get started:

Optimize Your Product Listing

A great place to start if you want to boost your Amazon sales is getting familiar with Amazon’s own product listing style guides.

First, you’ll want to get acquainted with the Amazon Quick Start Style Guide. This document, made available for Amazon sellers through Seller Central, outlines the key pieces of information necessary to include in any product listing in your Amazon store. It offers helpful tips on what you should and should not include in your item’s title, product description, images, and more.

Once you have a handle on the basics of creating a good product page in general, it’s time to explore Amazons recommendations and requirements for your particular product category.

For example, Amazon has different rules for sellers of Amazon device accessories than it does for sellers of cell phones and cell phone accessories.

Deliver on Your Promises

When a shopper arrives on your product page through an organic search or a sponsored product ad, they’re seeing your product because your keywords, photo, or listing title led them to believe that your product matches what they came to Amazon to purchase.

That’s why it’s essential to be honest and informative, and use the right keywords based on Tip 1. Nearly 200 million shoppers every month use Amazon, and 82% of shoppers in general say they go to Amazon first to begin their online search.

Amazon’s reach and the loyalty of Amazon shoppers are great for you as an ecommerce company—because it means people are finding your product in a familiar environment where they’re already comfortable making purchases.

If you’re following best practices and believe in your business, you have a great product and well put together product descriptions and listings. Once a customer has clicked onto your product page, you’re most likely to make a sale whenyour product delivers on what your keywords, advertising, and listing title already told buyers they were going to find.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a solid foundation for what it takes to increase your sales on Amazon, it’s time to set your Amazon store up for a successful future.

Keep Your Inventory Organized

What’s worse than no one discovering your product? Someone placing an order you can’t fulfil—because you’ll never get another chance. That’s why it’s essential to keep meticulous records and stay on top of your inventory and production.

Similarly, you’ll lose customers if you provide a poor buyer experience through delays or errors in fulfilment. Amazon and its customers value a streamlined buying experience, and to provide that, you need comprehensive and effective organization methods.

Stay On Top of Trends and Market Research

Even for the top sellers on the Amazon Marketplace, being well established and successful doesn’t mean you can sit back and coast. Ecommerce is an extraordinarily dynamic space, and trends and marketing strategies come and go in the blink of an eye.

To become and remain competitive with the top players, your strategies should be frequently re-evaluated and updated as new information, patterns, and trends emerge. A good Amazon management team can take that weight off your shoulders if you choose to partner with one.

Launch Your Ad Campaigns With a Bang

Amazon’s own PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platform is a robust and powerful tool that helps sellers get their products in front of the right customers.

The success of your ads can make or break your business as an Amazon seller, but making the most of the system requires research, knowledge, experience, and finesse. That’s why it’s crucial to put your campaign in the hands of a company with a proven approach.

As certified Amazon PPC experts, our team at Grow Amazon uses a focused yet holistic approach to take your Amazon business to the next level using techniques perfected in 10 years of Amazon experience and 3+ years running sponsored ad campaigns for clients all over the world.

A full-service Amazon management team like us can tackle any and all aspects of your ecommerce company’s Amazon presence from inventory management to product photography. 

3 Pro Tips to Boost Your Amazon Sales

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